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September 10 - 14, 2014





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 Festival Events

September 10th, Wednesday, 5 p.m. the opening of an exhibition of the Lithuanian folk instruments made by Egidijus Virbašius and a concert of Kaunas children folklore ensemble „Ratilėlis“ in Lithuanian theater, music and cinema museum (Vilnius str. 41)
Musician E. Virbašius got interested in the making of Lithuanian folk instruments when studying in the Music Academy of Lithuania. Later on he was also teaching there – he taught his student to play the traditional Lithuanian folk instruments. Also, he started working in the instruments` workshop led by Zigmas Armonas. He studied lithuanian instruments not only in Lithuania but also held in the funds of Latvian, Estonian, Karelian, Russian, Finnish museums. Therefore, when making the new instruments he follows the typical ethnic and regional traditions. E. Virbašius organized the exhibitions not only in Lithuania but also in Norway, Germany, France, Sweden and United Kingdom.
Currently E. Virbašius not only studies and makes, but also makes popular the instruments such as block flute,  diatonic and chromatic reeds, horns, trumpets,  whistle, goat horns, skudutis, bagpipe of Labanoras, different types of kanklės (Baltic psalteries), hammered dulcimer, drums, skrabalai (wooden bells), rattles, clatterers, etc.
You will be able to hear the authentic sound of these folk instruments after the opening of the exhibition in the performance of Kaunas National Culture Centre children folklore ensemble „Ratilėlis“ who have celebrated the 20th anniversary in 2011. The ensemble was formed in St. Matt`s secondary school in Kaunas, and continued their activities in Kaunas National Culture Center. Currently the ensemble is led by Alvyda Česienė and Andrius Darčianovas.
The members of „Ratilėlis“ are regular participant in Song Festivals, laureates of many international and national competitions and festivals. In this ensemble students sing, dance, play various instruments, fiddle, blow horns, bagpipes, play hammered dulcimer, concertinas, bandoneons, etc.
The leader Alvyda Česienė - a teacher-expert of kankles, who in the 2010 was awarded with the awards „Real music“ for fostering and handing over the traditions to the youth by Kaunas city department of Culture, and „Crystal of goodness“ by Kaunas city council.

September 10th, Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. Post folklore music evening with a folklore ensemble from Mykolas Romeris university „Ritingo“ in the salon of Vilnius Teachers` House (Vilnius str. 39)
This concert is traditionally for post folklore or world music. This time we will hear the elements of both genres. Continuous folk and world music relationship will unfold in the pieces performed by „Ritingo“ written by the leader of ensemble Arvydas Kirda and a member of ensemble Marius Kačiulis

September 11th, Thursday, 3 p.m. Afternoon with the folk artist Jonas Bugailiškis. (Aušros vartų str. 17-10)
We will visit the workshop of folk artist Jonas Bugailiškis. It is a cozy place in Vilnius old town which is always nice to visit, and listen to a smooth speech of the artist, to admire his works. The festival guests and Lithuanian folklore enthusiasts will have a unique opportunity to see the birth of musical instruments in the hands of a skillful craftsman.
The instruments made by the inventive wood carver, sculptor, and artist of folk instruments Jonas Bugailiškis are played with not only by the musicians in Lithuania but also by the ensembles and musicians from abroad.

September 11th, Thursday, 6 p.m. The concert of Lithuania traditional fiddlers „Griežia griežynė“ in Lithuanian theater, music and cinema museum (Vilnius str. 41)
As every year, the special attention is drawn to fiddlers. This year the concert will be dedicated to traditional fiddling in Lithuania. You will hear folklore musicians from the Lithuanian villages, and the younger musicians from Vilnius, who cherishes the tradition of folk music and forwards it to their students.
The concert will be started by Romas Mazėtis and Albinas Bartninkas from Lazdijai district, followed by the performance of Evaldas Vyčinas, Algirdas Klova and Gaila Kirdėnė with their students. The concert will be concluded by the instrumental folk trio from Šiauliai district center – fiddlers Augustinas Rugelis and Algis Kuniauskas, and a master of bass Raimondas Sinkevičius.

September 11th, Thursday, 8 p.m. Performances of festival guests in cafes and pubs in Vilnius.
It is a great opportunity to meet the guests personally, listen to folk music, refresh yourselves and maybe even have dinner in beautiful surrounding.
Beer bar „Šnekutis“ (St.Mykalojus str. 15) – "Kapela Bornego z Podzamcza" from Poland and a band "Wild Troupe" from the United Kingdom;
Restaurant „Aula“ (Pilies str. 11) – guests from Hungary Istvánfi Balázs-Németh András Duo, and from Latvia Asnate Rancāne, Aurēlija Rancāne and Ēriks Zeps;
Užupis cafe (Užupio str. 2) – Ales Los Trio from Belarus, and Karmen Juhkam, Karolin Härm, Leanne Barbo from Estonia.

September 12th, Friday, 3 p.m. Folklore workshop in the salon of Vilnius Teachers` House (Vilnius str. 39).
In this traditional event of “Griežynė“ guests will present their instruments, tell about the production, musical traditions, demonstrate the manner of performing traditional repertoire with their instruments. Workshop hostess – ethnomusicologist Dr. Gaila Kirdienė.

September 12th, Friday, 6 p.m. The main concert in Vilnius Teachers` House Great Hall (Vilnius str. 39).
The main event of this festival where the guests and participants demonstrate their most beautiful and valuable works of their repertoire. It is a great opportunity to see all the festival musicians together. Moreover, the main concert always has pleasant surprises.

September 13th - 14th. A trip of festival guests to Panevėžys district.
It became a beautiful tradition to bring the festival in to different places in Lithuania. The villages still have the enthusiasts of folk music who will perform to the festival guests. While the guests will learn about the everyday life and music of rural people, taste the delicious Lithuanian cheese, and will demonstrate their art.

September 13th, Saturday, 1 p.m. Concert of festival guests at Traditional Craft Center in Upytė village, Panevėžys district.

September 13th, Saturday, 4 p.m.
Concert of festival guests in traditional culinary heritage event „Sūrio šventė“ („Cheese festival“) in Bernatonys village, Panevėžys district.

September 14th, Sunday, 2 p.m. Concert in Velžys Culture Center, Panevėžys district.

September 14th, Sunday, 5.30 p.m. The final concert of the festival „Griežynė“ in the Angel Valley, Miežiškiai, Panevėžys district.
On Sunday the festival guests will continue to know the rural culture in Lithuania. The guests from abroad will perform in the final concert of „Griežynė“ together with the amateur musicians from Panevėžys district.








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