International Festival of Instrumental Folk Music


September 5 - 9, 2012





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 Events of the festival:

September 5, Wednesday, Vilnius, 17.00. The opening of Panevėžys Local Lore Museum archive photo exhibition “A Musician Among People” and a concert in The Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum (Vilniaus str. 41).
The exhibition presents photos from Panevėžys Local Lore Museum archive photo collection. The photos illustrate the relationship between the interwar period people and music as well as music instruments. The majority of photos were taken by the photographer Vincas Ferinauskas (1892–1975) from Miežiškis and reflect the entertainment and fest traditions of villagers.

September 5, Wednesday, Vilnius, 18.00. A world music project by Saulius Petreikis and Algirdas Klova in The Parlour of Vilnius Teachers‘ House (Vilniaus str. 39).
The first concert of “Griežynė” is traditionally devoted to world music. Lithuanian and Irish folk music as well as that of other nations will merge into the contemporary genres and will develop into new and unique sounds.

September 5, Wednesday, Vilnius, 19.00. A concert by the band “Domo Emigrantes“ (Italy) in The Parlour of Vilnius Teachers‘ House (Vilniaus str. 39).
The musicians will perform folk music and dances from Sicily, Puglia, Campania, Calabria and other regions of Italy.

September 6, Thursday, Vilnius, 15.00. Visiting folk artist Jonas Bugailiškis (Aušros Vartų str. 17-10).     
Festival guests and folklore enthusiasts from Lithuania will have a unique chance to see the birth of musical instruments in the skilful hands of folk artist, craftsman and wood sculptor Jonas Bugailiškis in his workshop. A great number of Lithuanian and foreign folk bands as well as single musicians play instruments (kankles (zither), horns, drums and other) made by the craftsman.

September 6, Thursday, Vilnius, 18.00. A concert of Lithuanian traditional music in The Parlour of Vilnius Teachers‘ House (Vilniaus str. 39).
The youngest and the most proficient musicians will play various melodies using different folk instruments.

September 6, Thursday, Vilnius, 20.00. Performances by festival guests in cafes and bars of Vilnius: “Visų Šventųjų baras“ (“All Saints’ Bar“, Visų Šventųjų str. 7) - the band “Domo Emigrantes“ (Italy), “Užupio kavinė” (“Užupis Cafe”, Užupio str. 2) – the bands “Duo Paganum“ (Hungary), “Abra“ (Latvia), the restaurant “Marceliukės klėtis“ (“Marceliukė’s Barn”, Tuskulėnų str. 35) – the group “Liutash“ (Belarus), „Opplett“ (Norway). This is a great chance to communicate with the festival guests.

September 7, Friday, Vilnius, 15.00. A folklore workshop in The Parlour of Vilnius Teachers‘ House (Vilniaus str. 39).
The traditional event of “Griežynė” festival invites to get closely acquainted with the instruments of festival guests who will tell about the production of the instruments and demonstrate the folk music making traditions, instrument playing manners and traditional repertoire of their nations. The workshop will be hosted by ethno musician dr. Gaila Kirdienė.

September 7, Friday, Vilnius, 18.00. GRIEŽYNĖ 2012 GALA CONCERT in The Grand Hall of Vilnius Teachers’ House (Vilniaus str. 39).
This is the main event of the festival where local musicians and the festival guests demonstrate the most beautiful and valuable pieces from their repertoires. It is a great chance to see and hear all the musicians of the festival on the stage. Moreover, the Gala Concert often presents some pleasant surprise.

September 8–9, Saturday, Sunday. A trip of the participants of the festival to Kaunas region.
It has become a nice tradition to bring the festival of “Griežynė” to villagers of Lithuania. In villages there are many enlightened people, enthusiasts of folk music who will perform their songs and dances to the festival guests. The festival guests will get acquainted with the daily life and music of the local villagers and will demonstrate the music of their nations later in the evening.

Saturday, 17.00.  A concert by foreign and Lithuanian bands and musicians in Antanas and Jonas Juškos Ethnic Culture Museum (Kauno mažoji str. 2, Vilkija, Kaunas region). 21.00 A party of the participants of the festival in Roma and Eimantas Zalensai Farmstead (Padubysys village, Vilkija rural district, Kaunas region).
Sunday, 15.00. “Griežynė” closing concert in Laima and Stasys Sadauskiai Farmstead (Antalkiai village, Vilkija rural district, Kaunas region).








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