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they played in GRIEŽYNĖ


It is a Swedish folk music ensemble from Kalmar (Eastern part of Sweden). All five members of the ensemble are playing together already for 18 years! In their country they usually play in wedding parties or big dance fests. They play Swedish folk music from medieval to the most recent. The group has given concerts in Europe and Unites States of America.


It is an orchestra playing Latvian folk music of various times. The name of the group comes from the place where it rehearses. It is in the main center of Riga. Since establishing of the group in 1995 they have been playing in Byelorussia, Russia, Lithuania and various parts of Latvia.


The RHODOPE duet sings authentic Rhodope songs and melodies that have specific sonority and ornamentation . The performance is characterized with freedom, breadth and strong carrying power of the voice. The use of big Kaba bag-pipe both for solo performances and accompaniment on vocal performances are one of the characteristic features of the Rhodope music-folklore style.The RHODOPE'S repertoire includes ballads and lively and playful songs.


It is a family duet. Andris Kapusts is an folklorist, multiinstrumentalist, organizer of various festivals, musical events and seminars, founder and leader of folklore group "Grodi", the author of world music project "Arpus Laika". Together with his wife Aida Rancane, who is a daughter of good folk fiddler, they play Latvian folk music from various regions and times. Besides restoring and reproducing archaic folklore the couple creates their own model of musical folklore.


Asne and Torstein are close friends. They have had many successful joint projects, mixing the Norwegian folk music and modern music.
Asne Sunniva Sureide is living in Tysnes, Norway,in an old farm that was founded in 1599. Asne learned traditional singing from her grandmother and when she was only 9 she started classical music singing. Asne has won many prizes singing singing in Montreal, London,USA ,Sweden.
Torstein Hatlevik plays on brass and woodwind folk instruments. He won the National Ensemble Championships of Norway and many other prizes, has tours in England, Scotland, Switzerland, France, Spain, Denmark, New Zealand and Australia.


It is a folk group consisting of four musicians playing with traditional string instruments. The group plays folk music of various times and various parts of Norway and other Scandinavian nations.


The folk ensemble established in 1998 and since 1992 is leaded by Arūnas Gedmantas. The instrumental group of the ensemble started to play independently in European TV festival "Euromusic" in Hungary, 1996. The group plays old shepherd music and traditional countryside melodies and dances. They took part in some folklore festivals in Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, Swiss, and France.


He is professional painter, master and virtuoso of bagpipes and one of founders of the ethnocosmology center "Krivija". He investigates traditions of bagpipe music in Byelorussia, Lithuania and Latvia. He also makes and reconstructs such instruments. At the present time he is writing the book "Pipe in Grand Duchy" and preparing film about Byelorussian bagpipes.


This is the well-known ensemble in Poland. It carries traditions of family playing almost for 120 years.
They play traditional polka, wedding dances and homeland songs. Musicians wear traditional clothing of Janow countryside. The ensemble gained prizes in biggest folklore events in Poland and France, has plenty of radio and TV recordings. They are winners of national prize for deserts in folk culture in 1997.


Tony Rothrock, who plays mandolin, harmonica, banjo, dobro and the guitar. He has taught and helped people in his music shop at Winslow, IN for many years and has won some 52 different competitions in his liftime. He is the president of the official Indiana State Championship, whitch takes place in Petersburgh, IN and also is a judge for various state and local championships.
Albert Swain, who resides in Owensville, IN is 70 years young and has played fiddle most of his life. He has won The Indiana State Championship 3 times and sometimes thrills the crowds with his version of Pop Goes the Weasel, whitch he does on his back, behind his neck, through his legs and various ackward positions.

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